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Arunachal Pradesh Famous Food

Introduction Arunachal Pradesh Food

North East Famous Cuisine

Arunachalese cuisine is the staple food is rice along with fish, meat (Lukter), and many green vegetables.

About Arunachalese cuisine

The staple food is rice along with fish, meat (Lukter), and many green vegetables. Different varieties of rice are available. Lettuce is the most common and preferred vegetable of all, prepared by boiling it with ginger, coriander and green chilies, and a pinch of salt. Boiled rice cakes wrapped in leaves is a famous snack.

Dishes in eastern districts like Tirap and Changlang have some different methods in their way of food preparation. Many wild herbs and shrubs are also part of the cuisine. Dried bamboo shoots are used extensively in cooking.

Tribal Influence on the cuisine

The type of the dishes of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh vary within the region, according to tribal influence (with the influence of Apatanis, Chuki, Adi, and Nishi)

The Apatani, or (TanwTanii) are a tribal group of people living in the Ziro valley in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh in India. This tribe speaks the languages Apatani, English, and Hindi.

Tanw/Tanii, Apatani, Apa Tani
Apatani women during a wedding
Total population
43,777 (2011 census)
Regions with significant populations
 India (Arunachal Pradesh)
Apatani • English • Hindi
Donyi-Polo • Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Tani Peoples

The Adi people are one of the most populous groups of Indigenous peoples in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. A few thousand are also found in the Tibet Autonomous Region (Previously Tibet) where they are called the Lhoba together with some of the Nishi, Na, Galo, Mishmi people, and Tagin people.

A Nyishi man With a hornbill headdress
Total population
249,824 (2011 census)
Regions with significant populations
 India ( Arunachal Pradesh)
Donyi-Polo (Sun and moon), Christianity, Animism

The Nyishi community is the largest ethnic group in Arunachal Pradesh in Northeastern India. In Nyishi, their traditional language, Nyi

Prior to Indian Independence

Prior to Indian Independence when British policy to isolate the Hill people NEFA (North-East Frontier Agency) were in effect, wild birds and animals were a big part of their diet, but modern restrictions on hunting have made them non-existent.

Arunachal Pradesh Famous Food

Apong (Rice Beer)

Apong is a rice beer and a popular beverage of Itanagar and entire Arunachal Pradesh. It is made by fermenting rice or millet. It is alcoholic in nature.

Thupka (Noodle Soup mixed with minced meat & Spices)

A noodle soup mixed with minced meat and spices, thukpa is one of the most popular and common dishes prepared by the people of Tawang. A variation of the traditional thukpa is dheb-thukpa, which is cooked with rice. Thukpa made of maize, meat, and beans are called ashum thukpa and taste delicious.

Dal Lentil And Eggs

The dish is prepared with three grains – masoor dal, moong dal, and tuar dal. Turmeric powder, onions, tomatoes, garlic, salt, and chilies are added to the gravy for taste; then hard-boiled eggs are put in the dal before serving.

Fish Stew

A very popular dish, the fish stew is made of chili-garlic paste, leafy green vegetables, dried red chili, fish, sugar, and salt. It can be eaten as a soup or served as a side dish with boiled rice.

Bamboo Shoot

Almost every dish of the state uses bamboo shoots, which have a delicate and unique flavor. Tender bamboo shoots are marinated in a mix of ground spices and baking soda and heated on a low flame. They are then served as a crispy and hot side dish.


Lukter is a simple meat dish. The meat is dried and grilled with hot king chili (Bhut Jolokia). It is a great example of the northeastern cooking tradition of sun-drying meat.

Chura Sabji

It is another one of the most appetizing item on the menu. They make it with the cheese of yak milk and vegetables. What makes it so delicious is not just the cheese but also the added spices especially the chilies. It can be had as a curry and also as soup.


When you are in the hills. You can get it with stuffed vegetables or chicken or yak meat. The flavor, the aroma, the ambiance around when you devour momos is the perfect picture of a nice trip. You will not find better momos in any other part of India than the North-Eastern states.

Dung Po

It is beautiful steamed rice. The locals cook it in brass utensils. The rice is placed in leaves so that they don’t spread. They keep one vessel over the other; One has boiling water and the other one has the rice. The aroma of the leaves will make you hungry, and you just can’t wait for lunch!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When you visit Arunachal Pardesh Let’s look at some ingredients and dishes that comprise the food of Arunachal Pradesh: Rice. Rice is a staple food in Arunachal Pradesh and is commonly accompanied by fried vegetables, curry, or a soup. Bamboo Shoot. Pika Pila. Lukter. Pehak. Meat. Momos.