How The Caltex Restaurant Meerut, Lost His Fame?

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Introduction Caltex Omelet Café Meerut

Today I would like to share a blog on a very famous cafe Caltex late 1980’s era the cantonment town of Meerut that has lost its identity in this modernization and developing India, even though still today this cafe serves 200 types of omelet and hot coffee, service to their customer.

About Caltex Omelet Meerut

Mr. Agarwal’s bustling little café poised on Hill Street was just the right place for a casual stopover. He bought an icebox and started serving cold drinks and coffee to the travelers and vacationers who drove past his outlet in their Ambassadors, Fiats, and Impalas on the Delhi-Dehradun highway.

Those were pre-bypass days. Anyone heading towards the hill stations like Mussoorie or driving towards other small towns of west Uttar Pradesh such as Moradabad or Roorkee had to drive through the historic cantonment town of Meerut.

Famous Caltex Restaurant Clients where were Film Star / Director/ Musician / Politician

Sometimes the stars of Bollywood, probably on a holiday or a shooting schedule, would saunter in. Yash Chopra, Feroz Khan, Johnny Walker, Bappi Lahiri, Rameshwari, Tuntun, Tom Alter – they all came.

So did the politicians (Rajeev Gandhi) and the poet (Shahryar). In those pre-selfie times, they wrote cute, serendipitous notes of appreciation of the time spent there. Saira Bano commented, “It was a boon to travelers.” Dharmendra’s note said, “I enjoyed a very delicious cup of coffee.” “Nice coffee,” re-affirmed note Randhir Kapoor.

OP Nayyar, one of the finest music directors in the history of Hindi cinema, said, “It was nice to have ice-cream in the sweltering heat.”The stars sipped the coffee and slurped on the ice-cream. But it was the omelets that gave the eatery.

How the Owner Got Their Restaurant Name Caltex?

Its name and identity. It was called, Caltex, whose name was borrowed from the adjacent petrol pump of what was then a US-owned company.

‘Caltex is long gone from India and now in its place stands an HP petrol outlet. But the restaurant continues to carry the same old name – the funny-sounding, Caltex of Omelette Fame, to be precise.

USP Of The Caltex Restaurant

At Caltex, you get 12 kinds of omelets; including masala (Rs 60), butter (Rs 70), stuffed (Rs 70), pizza (Rs 100), cheese chicken (Rs 120), and Caltex special (Rs 150). You can also go for sandwiches, rolls, burgers, and chowmein. Among the beverages, the cold coffee served in their own bottles for Rs 30 has always been popular.

How The Caltex Restaurant Meerut Lost His Fame?

Caltex, which enjoyed huge popularity till the 1980s, lost its traveling clientele after the Meerut bypass came up over a decade ago. “Now we get local customers only,” says Sharukh. It isn’t easy to spot the restaurant, located right opposite the huge Begum Bridge bus stand


Even though Caltex highway cafe lost its fame. But still, Meerut local people visit this cafe in search of tasty omelet and good coffee you will not find in any other place.


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