Beat The Heat by Detox Drinks

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Hi, friends today I have shared a very interesting post with all of you, that is regarding Detox drinks most of the people know about this detox drinks some maybe not know that what it is?

Detoxification, or detox, generally refers to the process of removing toxins from the body.

This will help to induce a natural growth on your skin, boost digestion, metabolism, and also aid weight loss and this is a very healthy drink for summer.

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As you know we are all in the century of COVID -19 virus and try to save ourselves and our family and the pollution, poor dietary, and lifestyle choices make it very hard for our body to rejuvenate on its own.

It is a good idea to pause and treat your body with something light and fresh, something that could cut through the excessive toxin overload and revitalizes you from within.  Here are some summer special detox drinks that could help induce a natural glow on your skin, boost digestion, metabolism, and also aid weight loss. 
Cucumber Mint Detox Drink 

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Cooling and crunchy cucumbers are a delight anytime of the day. Another summer staple we cannot get enough of is the zingy mint or pudina. Together they are one refreshing combination that you have to treat yourself with this summer. Cucumber is 96 percent water; it is filling, weight loss friendly and nutritious. Since it contains silica, it is also good for skin. Mint on the other hand is good for digestion and liver. 
1 Cucumber
8-10 Mint leaves
2 Tbsp Lemon juice
Ice cubes
Iced Water
Lemon rings and mint leaves

1. Peel, chop and blend cucumber,  mint leaves, and 1 cup of water. 
2. Strain and discard pulp.
3. Add lemon juice, black salt, and dilute with water if needed.
4. Pour the beverages in glasses, put some ice cubes and garnish with lemon rings and mint leaves.

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