24 Carat sweet shop story.

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24 Carat Gold Mithai From Surat

About 24 Carat sweet shop story.

Today I am very happy to share such an innovative story that will blow your mind.
This is an 84-year-old shop in Surat 24 Carat Mithai Magic. The founding stone was laid by Late Shri Dhansukhlal Mithaiwala and inherited by Mr. Kishor Dhansukhbhai Mithaiwala and Mr. Mukesh Dhansukhbhai Mithaiwala with 04 products in the year 1932.
Now the fifth-generation operate this business Currently Mr. Rohan Mukesh Mithaiwala and Mr. Brij Kishor Mithaiwala look after the entire management of the firm.

The entire team of 24 Carats Mithai Magic believes in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Their focus is on building relations and carrying them forward for generations by providing the best quality and services.

How the owner got the idea for making 24 Carat gold mithai

Mr. Rohan had a silver jubilee of his shop, so his brother and he both an idea to made some interesting products.
So they brainstorming on his idea and after finding out so many good and interesting things about eating gold. So on the festival of Raksha Bandhan 12 August 2018, they launch this sweet in the market

How does the 4 Carat Mithai made?

As per the owner that authentic and expensive sweet made of nuts and that is totally dry fruit mithai.
Firstly they select the best nut to made this mithai and he buys special saffron they use in Mathai come from Spain, and the item they use in this mithai that made this sweet most expensive category that is a gold leaf (Vark) .

What is the rate of this Mithai

Gold Sweet – Suvarna Nargis Kalam

24 Carats Mithai

Gold Sweets
24 Carats Mithai

Product details

Handpicked Pistachio and Nuts coated with 24 carats pure Gold leaf. 250 gm ₹ 2250 500 gm ₹ 4500 1 kg ₹ 9000

What are the benefits if you eat the 24 Carat gold mithai

Ayurvedic expert Mr. Ghyansham M. Patel from Surat. He told that if anybody eat gold in the form of ash or edible foil so that will help boost the human reparative system of our body is good and that helps in increases blood circulation and hemoglobin.

In Ayurveda, if you eat gold in the form of bhasma (Ash) or vark (edible silver and gold foils on sweets) that will never harmful for your health.

How the owner marketing this sweet in the market.

If you invent this type of mithai there are a lot of challenges that come in front of you to introduce in the market.

So they made different kinds of marketing strategies. They do 24-carat certification from the government body display on the boxes of mithai.

Today if any customer buys this sweet so they put the gold certificate in the sweet box. (that certificate is a guarantee that mithai is made of 24-carat gold leaf (Vark) and a letter in which they mention the effectiveness of gold if they eat in the form of mithai.

In that way, their product has a lot of demand in the market.

Customer reaction about this product

The reaction in the market is very good now they have a lot of customers who buy these sweets. Lots of customers take selfish before eat so they can show off in their friend circle and family members that they have eaten 14-carat gold mithai.
The brand has become synonymous with the terms ‘Quality and Innovation’. Having five flagships in Surat at Parle point, Chauta Bazar, Pal, Ring road, and Varachha.

The Indian and sweet confectionery market in India approx. Rs 70,000 crores.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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