Which song did the Japanese make that Indians are on fire?

Namaste!! CURRY POLICE Lyrics – Candy Foxx/Singer: Candy Foxx/Title: Namaste!! CURRY POLICE

Namaste Curry Police is the title of the song that was uploaded on YouTube By Candy Foxx Japanese YouTube channel. In this video, Indians are hurt. Since 5 may 2021, this song has been seen nearly 28 Lakh times .

Candy Fox is a Japanese YouTube channel. They call themselves Japanese Kayos (waste/destruction) company. Make songs, etc. Shoot and upload. A video has been released of him, titled “Namaste Curry Police”. Watch the video first:

Wanted to go to Japan, reached YouTube. Do you understand?

Hurt Indian people sentiments

If you say that on YouTube at this time, a Japanese channel has enraged the people of India. In-jokes, according to hundreds, comments are being made, class is being organized. But what happened?

About the video “Curry Police”.

The video depicts two curry lovers in India. Those whose dream is to go and make curry in every country of the world. Both leave for Japan by sitting in a boat. Reaches Japan after 20 years.

Go there and open a curry restaurant. Outside which there is a long line of customers and they wait overnight to eat a curry dish. In the video, customers are shown eating curry in a Japanese dish and eating it.

Indian people trolled these you tubers on youtube after this contoversy.

The channel is completely trolley. It is a word in English. Irreverent. Mane does not show any kind of respect. About anything. But the stereotypes that he has promoted, he has a problem.

Even when it comes to culture, the representation of India is very one-sided. Technically.

Two people from Rajasthan / surrounding area are shown in the video. It has also been shown again and again how the people of India view the culture and food of others with a low view. They are not tolerant of any kind of diversity.

Reactions have flooded the comment section regarding this video. Most of the commentators are saying why brothers are promoting such stereotypes. It does not make any sense. This was not expected from the Japanese people.

Two names have become entangled in this entire controversy

The matter is not even here. Two names have become entangled in this entire controversy. One is Mayo Japan. And one is Kohei. Mayo Japan is a Japanese girl YouTube channel named Mayo. Mayo talks in Hindi. From India.

Creates linked videos. In this disputed video, the voice of a Japanese girl speaking Hindi comes in, then people assumed that this voice is of Mayo and messages and comments were also sent to them. Mayo clarified this and put a video on his channel and said that he had nothing to do with this video, and also apologized on behalf of the Japanese people.

On the other hand, Kohe is a Japanese violin artist who plays violin melodies on Hindi songs. They have also appeared in this video, so people are questioning them. However, no clarification has come from their side so far.

Different types of gravy in the dishes made in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka are called curry.

This is done with the news. Now let’s talk about the video. Of stereotype. Of India Of this channel. And this is a Kalabattu named Curry.

This word is specially used for different types of gravy in dishes made in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Even if you put anything in it. cheese. Soybean. potato. Any other vegetables.

It will be called curry only. When we were small, we had heard the use of the word curry in only two places. One, the ovary. Second curry leaf. Now more and more people have started listening. Anyway.

Controversy showing Indians crazy behind curry

This YouTube channel, named Candy Fox, which has made this video showing Indians crazy behind curry, has also added more videos. Has trolled his country too. Sushi is a very popular dish in Japan. He has put a video named Sushi Yakuza on his name. In this, crazy don type people are making havoc for eating sushi.

‘Namaste Curry Police’ is the title of the song that was uploaded on YouTube by the Channel named – ‘Candy Foxx’. The song shows an Indian man who has a very big obsession with ‘curry’. The lyrics suggest that the Indian man hasn’t eaten anything but curry ever since he was born.

Another video in which Buddha is seen dancing on a disco beat

Yakuza is a term used in Japan for people of the type Don / Mafia. There is another video in which Buddha is seen dancing on a disco beat. And in this video uploaded as ‘Yog Monk’, people doing yoga are shown chanting the names of the chakras in Sanskrit.

A few selected people made the video. Now those who are registering their protest in the comment section have gone four steps further. Racists are writing about the people of Japan.

Making comments on their eyes.

Namaste Curry Police is the title of the song that was uploaded .Indians are hurts forgive these Japanese YouTubers.

‘Namaste Curry Police’ is the title of the song that was uploaded on YouTube by the Channel named – ‘Candy Foxx’. The song shows an Indian man who has a very big obsession with ‘curry’. The lyrics suggest that the Indian man hasn’t eaten anything but curry ever since he was born.

Apologies for the Candy Foxx side

I would like to unreservedly apologize for my video. I love India and have watched a lot of Indian comedies and like them a lot. The video was meant to entertain you. However, my ignorance delivered the opposite outcome. I certainly regret my careless behavior and my attempt at humor. I will keep learning more about Indian culture and values and will try to make something that will actually be worthy of laughs in the future. Please believe that I truly respect your culture and I have no intention to offend any of you. My deepest and sincerest apologies.

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Please share your valuable comment with us. Overall, there is no shortage of people who write extremely dirty things. Now, who should explain to them that the wrong thing is not answered by the wrong thing?


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